Saturday, 15 August 2009

''I see colors''


Hmm….So finally back to the traditional ways of hand drawings. No more Photoshop touch ups(at least not for now). It has actually given me a real sense of buoyancy and self-assurance to experiment with the real colors, AND YES!! Am not afraid of colors any more :D Wooooohoooo!!
It’s my very first attempt (after school of course :P) so I think it isn’t that bad. but there are a few glitches, got to work on the shadows and lights a bit more. if I encapsulate the whole thing, I see problems with my visualization. Lights and shadows gives a real depth to the picture that's where i lack…I hate when people tell me ‘’oh! You’re a character animator, so why bother about the drawings?’’ Bleh…. trust me, that’s so not true. No matter what kind of artist you are, a strong drawing base always helps. and when you’re a 3d animator like me, it does come handy at times as software’s have there own limitations. if u can’t visualize, you’ll only end up with trash. Okie ..That’s too much for now :D…
Happy doodling!!

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