Sunday, 13 December 2009

Some old sketch.

These are some of the sketches I did for practice.still couldn't copied so well :p sometimes its fun to just copy and compare with the originals.I did get to learn a lot from the mistakes I did when compared with the original's the best one could do without any guidance.although I regret the fact that I never went to an art school :( but I will some day.this is one thing I would like to do before I die :p
 '' Joan of Arc'' U might have seen the 3d version of this one,I just love it perhaps cause am really fascinated          with this character.a great Martyr.

Love this guy!! if I'll compare it with the original copy,then iI would give it 6/10 ,nways,love the way he's staring at that ball :D haha..the look in his eyes...

the time I hold pencil i go all crazy.and i love going crazy :D


  1. Andi's [AnimatioN]8 February 2010 at 08:55

    keep up the great works you're so talented~.^'

    Best Regards
    Andi - Saya Nimbuzz

  2. Thanks Andi ;) I really appreciate that