Sunday, 3 July 2011

The unexpected-''Simla and Kasuli''

Howdy! I went for a lill weekend trip to Kasuli and simla in Jan but I forgot to share it with you.well actually It  wasn't worth it at all.It was an office trip and I was forced to go (Boss could do that ) Himachal in JAN???I knew it would turnout to be a disaster and it did.we started off at the dark and foggy 10 pm in a highly uncomfortable matador with it's tiny little seats(or maybe I was too huge to fit in lol) the driver was  high,puffing his lill ''bidi'' and singing his native Nepali folk song, ignoring almost everything in his way.gittering in that fierce cold I caught hold of myself and tried to remain intact.somehow we reached Kasuli (Alive) and I sighed in sum it up in a nutshell ''weekend trip to Kasuli and simla in two days without any sleep sucks'' somehow
I managed to click a few's a glimpse:

                                Instead of Pine trees a long stretch of tiny congested houses - Simla

           Simla's most visible,perhaps the most photographed landmark is the Christ Church on the Ridge.
Busy and crowded ''mall road''- Simla

Pony rides!! anyone?? -Simla

Me all packed up with woolens that I couldn't even breath,my expressions says it all haha..

It's definitely good old Simla  

Little entrance of Kasuli.that watch tomb was an eye catcher.

Mountains still have rule in this part of Kasuli. that's what I was looking for :) 

As I go out for my evening walk, I observed profound changes in the sky.the sunbeams vanishing leaving a magical color to the sky. long, cold, dark and dreary nights of winter. Life existed even then.

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