Saturday, 5 November 2011

My week so far...

Hello there! My week so far.

''I made this at home with a small tree part and this bird was meant to be together ''

''Loved this yellow moon paper lamp!perfectly blended with mint green walls of my room''

''These blue fairy lights makes it all very cozy! am gonna grab my hot cup of tea and read something by Ruskin bond ''

''My whimsical owl jewelry! hope to get more of these <3'' 

''An oil painting project I've been carrying in mind,hope to give it life soon''

''Got this little bow dress!hope to wear it again this weekend!I simply adore it''


  1. like the birds and the froggie:)
    come and visit my blog and tell me if you like it :) thanx

  2. Thanks for your comments Hilla!
    I just loved your blog <3 you've got one more follower ;)