Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mario de Miranda ishthayl ^_^

When I was a toddler my dad got this cute calendar from his office.the detailed funny illustrations on it really caught my attention.little that I knew, it was made by Mario Miranda,a cartoonist from Goa(India).later I discovered more of his works. funny cartoons depicting India and finding humor in the chaos and never ending day today problems.I think the saying ''it happens only in India'' was derived from his cartoons :) what I loved the most is his peculiar style with intricate details.I love finding the smallest little things hiding in his works.the more you stare the more you'll find.till date I haven't seen many artist doing it.I tried copying his style from some of his drawings.oh!also, got a beautiful ink pen to work on my inking skills.a lot of practice required for sure.would love to hear your enjoy works of this legendary artist here :



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  1. :D
    i wasnt much aware about mario mirandas work , but if these awesome illustrations were inspired by his work , then i definitely should check out his work and better give a posthumous honor to him ..
    PS - amazing expressions , especially the dad and the wide eyed madame