Saturday, 31 March 2012

Oh it's March!!

Hello! Been away from blogging for a while now.not that I was busy but I didn't have much to could say I was too lazy.but March has been many new things has taken a new phase,with new ventures and new responsibilities.moving back to Delhi,finally my own place.changed my job,yet again. but this time for good!! Turned ''27''.been observing spring very many beautiful flowers <3< and shopping a lot for my still needs some renovation.
lost my ''ED hardy''wallet on my way to work.well somebody stole it from my backpack :( the tedious job of for applying new ID's.well I should not be complaining as these are the experiences of life :)
                                            come have a glimpse at what I've been up to ^_^

                           My parents got me this lovely pineapple and vanilla cake,I love them <3 

            From Spanish omelette to scrumptious Fried rice.I tried it all!! :d  A lot of cooking!

                               With spring comes the new many beautiful flowers around <3

                                             Fun and craziness with friends!I love my peeps :*

                                                       Here's an exclusive one of Ticklu :P :*

Red,Blue and green....I tried it all!love the color craziness!



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