Tuesday, 2 March 2010

True colors

The festival of colors is over, leaving behind its traces in the form of  these beautiful,vivacious and colorful flowers which are reminders that spring has finally arrived and It's time to come out of those warm quilts and cozy sweaters :) It's so much fun to sit on the grass and read a book picked up randomly from the bookshelf or perhaps eat those oranges which fills my nose with that fresh, brisk smell every time I peel it's skin.oh god!am so amazed to see all these colors at the same time.spring spring,oh lovely spring,you bring so much joy to me.I don't want you to leave.I promise you to read all those dragon tales or something from the Wordsworth if you would stay by my side.we'll stare at that mango tree and count those tiny little rose buds or we could walk barefoot in the garden,feeling the soft grass beneath our skin.stay with me forever.


 I leave you all with these newly arrived pomegranate leaves against the bright,clear sky to stare at

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