Sunday, 17 January 2010

I Love Tibet ♥♥ ''McLeaodganj''

Today I want to share a few pictures from my lill trip to Mcleodganj.It's a small town in the midst of Kangra valley,Himachal Pradesh.It's home to the Dalai Lama and several famous monasteries.Being a town blessed with Tibetan culture,it'll not be wrong to say that Tibet has lent a lot of importance to this town.The sanctity of Buddhism was so inspiring their that it could provide peace and serenity to any jangling soul.I didn't know much about this small panoramic unless one of my very dear Tibetan friend ''Nawang'' told me about really thankful to him to encourage me to visit this scenic planning again to visit it soon.can't wait really.. ♥♥  



               Tibetan culture that has added color and life to the quaint town.


                            The Dalai Lama´s Temple,Home to Great Dalai Lama.


 Tibetan Museum in Mcleodganj is open from sunrise to sunset everyday and provided me with lots of imperative details about the history of the Freedom struggles of Tibet.I was really touched with the story how his holiness ''Dalai Lama'' had to leave his country and take refugee in India.U know I really don't like to refer Tibetans as refugee's as they are now almost an integral part of Indian culture and am really glad and proud to have such beautiful people in our country.I  always have feeling of empathy towards Tibet perhaps cause we share the same story of freedom struggle.I wish to see Tibet as a free country some day at least as long as I live.



aah..I miss those semi Tibetan and western food joints,The very left are the world famous Tibetan ''momos'' and in the right is a kind of noodle soup called ''Thukpa'' it's one of my favorite.I often cook it on cool winter evenings.

A lovely glass of jasmine Tea,very aromatic!!Also,the amazing banana pancakes for a perfect brunch!drooll..... 

The very pretty ''Dal lake'' although one could take a little boat ride here but I prefer to leave it in it's own's more amazing to take a little stroll around it.  

These pictures are of the ''Bhagsunag Temple'' at Mcledganj,this temple has a really big water fall gushing with crystal clear water.this last one is one of my favorites,it was a small cave kinda place where one could paint and write on small rocks.I would love to have a studio like that :) hehe..


  I loved these small little handicraft shops,they sell traditional Tibetan thangka painting, woodcarving and metal craft and If you are a magpie then you could also pick your way through corals or amethysts, rubies or topaz .

Phew...this is probably one of my longest post ever but I wanted to share my whole experience with you all.I hope u liked the pictures.


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