Monday, 31 October 2011

''Blue Valentine'' Love with all the repercussions

Watched this amazing movie Blue Valentine and it brought the very classic question- Is it better to Live,Love and Lose,or never to love? the movie portrays the relationship of  a modern age american really punches you in the gut with many questions about love,life, marriage and expectations.the movie ends with an overwhelming reality.the emotions were so true that it's inevitable to get involved.It's such a twisted ,passionately sad movie and Ryan Gosling did the total justice to it's character Dean.just love him.

here's some of my favorite scenes from the movie



  1. :o
    ur the first one i know whos seen this one and/or liked it..
    this is one of the best films i have ever seen,its so delicately done,and the details....
    awesome film,though harrowing
    i have always wanted to have a debate on it,what do you think went wrong ?
    i think they forgot the basic premise/reason of their relationship amidst the pressures and responsibilities and the yearning for an ideal got to them,when they had the ideal start IMO..

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  3. Best film indeed!
    well I could very much appeal to both the characters and what happened in the end was quite inevitable.
    I think they never realized that there goes a lot of self sacrifice into a relationship(as of course there hasty marriage was the outcome of a very emotional decision)they both had expectations from the relationship.
    While everyone discussing bout what went wrong in their relationship;my mind was wandering round a very different thought '' did they get back together?'' there were clear moments which showed they were still hanging onto each other.the ending leaves you with a very incomplete sense where you could not judge if they actually decided to call it off.I feel like the director wanted to leave it to viewers imagination to decide.

  4. i think they had an ideal start because most couples start off in a very pure manner,like they did,but their marriage was rocked even before it started,due to the events that surrounded that might be called hasty,but i think since they were shown to contemplate on what to do in the situation and then took the decision,it showed a lot of dedication,which a lot of couples take a lifetime to prove..they legitimately went through a big problem right in the beginning and survived should have only been smoother down the road..from that perspective,i felt totally disgruntled that they ended it..
    but like you say,there were moments showing nothing but how stuck they both were to each other despite whatever the emotional torrent was brewing around them..that to me is a sign of a respect for each others dedication and commitment..and hence i too hope they got back together..that hope makes it a struggle-success story..assuming they broke off forever however is a tremendously depressive thought,cos if a couple goes through so much and still doesnt make it,then wat does survive in todays world ?