Friday, 7 October 2011

Intoxicatingly...finger licking...gud :d ''Potato patata yogurt''

                                                           ''Slurrpp...Potato patata yogurt''

So...In a nutshell,you do not have to starve yourself if you wanna shed some of that weight!!Try this easy recipe for dinner...

Quantity- For two persons

Ingredients :-

1)  2 medium boiled potatoes
2)  1 cup thick whisked yogurt
3)  Black pepper (according to taste)
4) salt (according to taste)
5) pinch of sugar ( yeah....don't forget your're on diet :P )
6) freshly chopped coriander leaves
7) cumin powder

How to :- Put all the Ingredients in a large bowl except coriander.check if the yogurt is thick could also add a bit of cold water if you like.give it a good stir.garnish with fresh coriander.keep in fridge for 30 mins and your ready to dig in!!

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