Sunday, 30 December 2012

In the lap of Dhauladhar range

The much awaited vacation, yearning of an year long weekend, urge to run away and my over the top reaction to all the problems in the world, all resulted into a trip to Dharamkot! I don't wanna go into all the gory details and sound like a travel expert as you can get all the imperative details online. I just want you to look and indulge in the beauty of these mysterious age old mountains.

You are finally at do not regret the past, you are not anxious bout the future, 
you are only happy in the present.

The jungle is at constant meditation. even your breath will echo here 

the silence of wintry forest twines around your neck and your soul 
wants to howl so loud that you will not remain human.

So near to the the infamous chai shop.but it was just the half way to triund. 

Oldest and the most expensive but I guess it's worth it after a steep and rocky climb :P 
the shopkeeper had some rare gyan to share so don't miss out on that ;) 

The rocky trek..not for the naive. 

At the top of the world. lend your ear to the mountains as they want to share the secret of their longevity  They are the wise one here. 

With modicum of power the flamboyant sun makes the most of it.

First patch of ice!!

The air was so damn fresh that I couldn't breath  :P 

I have a strong conviction that I am not meant for the city life.let's see how soon could I shift here.

 Aren't we  naive? technology was actually supposed to make our life easier but now we work 9 hours a day staring at a screen, miss out on the major time with family and friends ,we spend hell lot of money to go and see what god actually made free. life could have been so much easier.


  1. You echo my thoughts. I think I'll include Dhauladhar in my list of places I'd like to settle in. I might turn out to be your neighbour one day. :P

    The photographs were beautiful. This was a perfect getaway for you I am sure.

    1. thanks!! then we both could sell sandwiches for living,sip on jasmine tea and do moonlight gardening together :D

    2. haha. :D I'm up for it.