Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Prettified domain of imagination

I am so lost these days, probably feeling tired or at least inclined to introspection and seclusion. It’s getting very difficult to maintain a positive attitude, especially about future plans. I badly want to shift to some small quite place and make art, be at a place where I could get inspired, enhance my creativity and concentrate on what I truly love. but there's still a lot of time for that.

My heart is like this unruly kid who wants to break free regardless the manifestations of life. I’ve been trying for a while now to make my life into a piece of art but my shoulders are tired. I guess I have created my own myths and I should leave my mind behind. I often tend towards passivity particularly when I doubt myself but not sure if I can overcome self-doubt and introversion at this moment. 
 After a lot of procrastination I finally joined the fine art classes and now I really need to push myself. The first two classes have been truly amazing and I am looking forward to next class this weekend! So many assignments and my fingers are numb with cold. Hope to finish up before time 0_o 
 Ooh!! It’s been ages since I last posted any of my artwork here so probably going to do that from now on.


  1. Hey, You have just been awarded the "Creative Blogger Award"
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  2. OMG T!! am flabbergasted!! this is one of the most nicest thing any one has ever done to me.thank u so much :) sending love ur way <3<3<3