Saturday, 9 March 2013

A beautiful storm and am swaying with it

hello lovelies, I am always kind of succumbed to the whole summer sticky feeling but I am enjoying the sun at the moment. my mum's garden has turned into the most uplifting place in the whole world. I am loving the emerald green carpet of grass and taking walks with bare feet feeling dirt under my toes. it's my favorite activity when am at home. The days just sort of melting into one another.
Today I spent the whole day sitting in garden,clicking pictures and sipping tea. I feel so at peace with the universe and time is moving slowly which is a lovely thing. 

This lill guy sneaked in with me. I picked it very carefully and placed back in the garden.thank god I didn't squeeze it with my giant palms :O 




  1. All that in one garden !
    Wow. Pretty awesome. :D
    The flowers are amazing.

    And also nice clicks. :)

    1. Thanks Ajay!! yes the seasone is full of amazing colorful flowers and I am lucky that I didnt hav to go far to get 'em clicked :-)

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