Friday, 29 May 2009

Meet Corey,he's the new mascot for the logo i was making. m still thinking over his super powers.This generous splash of colors was needed,hehehe...nways , i might do some changes with cloths but for the meanwhile i think it's ok.actually he was looking much better without his pants on..hehehe but then i thought some ppl might would find it unaesthetic (i don't wannna seek unwanted attention for my not so famous blog :p ) it's just the front view,will make the final pose once it's get hope for the best.
oh! i also wanted to say that am really enjoying's not that hard to manage a few minutes to write something(don't know why i deleted my previous two blogs :\) okie..not sure what I'll be posting next...oh! June is near and I'll be really busy with my 3d work now. i have nearly stopped working on ''Maya'' so gotta take care of that too.i gotta manage my time among Maya,Flash and life drawings.these are the three things i have to keep hold the way am getting hang of the colors, finally :D

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