Friday, 22 May 2009



Photoshop is an amazing software..i always loved it.i didn' t use illustrator for this one but it
came out well. making another sample of it but wid some differnet font..something more ...
creative.m too afraid to use colors :( so gotta overcome that too.if people like ''ZooZoo'' then i
think this mascot is no bad either ;p i have named it ''Jingjing'' its a chinese name (dun know
wat does it mean :\ ) but i like it :D will post the colored version in my next post.


  1. Hey,
    nice logo... just happened to bump into your blog
    i sometimes wonder why people use drop shadows at places it is not needed at all... i think ur logo will look really good if you remove the drop shadows. just trying to help... you could be right in your own ways... all the best


  2. @ Uday
    Thanks dear,i appreciate your comments.your absolutely right,it did luk better without the drop shadows,i would have posted the improved version but the whole thing was rejected by the company,they didn't like the mascot :\ nways i'll post the new logo in my next post so do check'em
    and lemme know if you like it :D

    p.s hope u'll be posting you showreel soon.waiting.........