Monday, 25 May 2009

Mystique,inscrutable RAJASTHAN

Sorry, i didn't post what i promised last time as i have to work on the mascot again due to certain reason ,wink wink..but i still love my lill jing's something much more intresting which can inspire any artist on the surface of this earth :D ,my all time favorite dastination ''RAJASTHAN'' one can't help falling in love with its mystique panorama.the old Haveli's ,amazing frescos on the walls saying a different story of its past,beautiful people ,clad in colorful attire, all just takes my breath away.its a must visit for any travel lover.well i went to Poddar college of Nawalgarh,to conduct a one week class on cut-out animation for students,as a result i also got a reason to visit my favorite place. The silence descend

A Haveli

The local temple - Dominic's place

Frescos of lord Krishna and Radha on the walls of the temple

Poddar college- my stay near the pool :p ofcourse not enough water to dippin

Colorful Saaries and chaniya-choli ,worn by local woman

the camel ride,yuuuuu...huuuuuuu...

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